Sugar free candy

People often ask if it’s not made of cane sugar then what is it made from? This is a great question and in fact the raw material we use for our 99.5% sugar free range, known as Isomalt, is actually derived from pure sugar beet.

The main ingredient, Isomalt, is manufactured in Germany under stringent conditions, where the sugar beet is modified to remove the carbohydrates, so we are left with a sweetened profile almost identical to sugar.


The resulting candy is gluten free, tooth friendly, reduced-calorie and low glycaemic with fantastic true flavours.


We have a great range of popular flavours and our 95g bags are the perfect size for a snack or sweet treat.


Wholesale customers can order in bulk.

As with our entire 99.5% sugar free candies, excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

95g Bag

Coming soon 500g bulk bag

Our products are used as ingredients in the manufacture of some of Australia’s finest ice cream, chocolates and patisserie. We have a large range of packaging options including clients own, or we can supply in bulk to brand and/or pack yourself.