Lollipop candy

We have two styles of lollipop: traditional striped lollipops and poured lollipops.

Traditional Swirl Lollipops

The mouth watering wonderful Round and Flare Striped Lollipops are made using a traditional boiled sweet method. Each lollipop is handmade, hand twisted and stuck, so each one is unique.

Most sizes of our lollipops are usually the delicious Tootie Fruitie flavour. Our small lollipops (and sometimes the other lollipop sizes) come in a set range of flavours as follows;

  • Blueberry (dark blue, light blue & white)
  • Bubblegum (blue & pink)
  • Fruit Salad (yellow, orange, red, green & white)
  • Pineapple (rainbow)
  • Raspberry (red & white)
  • Strawberry & Cream (pink & white)
  • Tropical Mango (yellow, orange, red & white)
  • Watermelon (green & pink).


For custom orders, we can manufacture in your chosen colours and flavours (min purchase quantities apply).

Poured Lollipops

Our translucent poured lollipops come in a wonderful range of fun shapes, including our very popular red Love Heart Lollipops.

Can’t see the colour you want? No worries, we can make it in a colour to suit your event (min purchase quantities apply).

Have a large quantity project in mind, we can manufacture a mould especially for you. Please contact us to discuss options.

Diameter: 63mm Length: 170mm including stick


Diameter: 105mm Length: 230mm including stick


Colours and flavours differ Diameter: 165mm Length: 290mm including stick


Available in different fruit flavours Diameter: 300mm Length: 900mm including stick Pickup only (contact directly for shipping options on multiple…


Diameter: 25mm Length: 220mm including stick


Out Of Stock

Diameter: 90mm Length: 210mm including stick


Diameter: 65mm Length: 165mm including stick


Diameter: 80mm Length: 170mm including stick


Feet Lollipops are available in many colours Diameter: 60mm Length: 210mm including stick


Diameter: 45mm Length: 230mm including stick


Each pack includes range of colours and flavours

From   $3.65

Diameter: 65mm Length: 160mm including stick


Each pack includes range of colours and flavours

From   $3.65

Our products are used as ingredients in the manufacture of some of Australia’s finest ice cream, chocolates and patisserie. We have a large range of packaging options including clients own, or we can supply in bulk to brand and/or pack yourself.